The Game Changer

In every design project, I believe there is a game-changing moment.  A moment when you add or take away a piece, change a color, or rearrange a piece of furniture.  A moment when you feel like, Ahh, this is so right.

I've actually had several of those moments.

Game Changer #1:  Nightstands

About a year and a half ago, I bought some wooden nightstands from Aldi.  Yes, Aldi (a grocery store).  They were the perfect size.  I wasn't sure if the white was the right shade, but I knew these nightstands were the ones.  I finally took a day to assemble the nightstands and when I added them to my guest room, I thought, Oh yeah.  Instantly, I added lamps (Habitat Restore purchases) and grabbed a handmade bowl from my Belize trip and a basket from Ross that I never had found a use for, but really loved.  Those were to give the room a more organic feel.

Game Changer #2:  Pillows and Curtains

I tried the turquoise accent color that I've seen so many times in makeovers.  But the moment I added those colors, it took the room entirely in another direction.  It literally made me cringe.  As quickly as I had put everything up was as quickly as I took it down and returned it to the store.  One thing that experience taught me was that I needed a light gray curtain and a dark gray throw pillow.

Game Changer #3:  A New Headboard

I had not intended to purchase a new headboard.  Actually, in my imagination, I had transformed my mission-style headboard into a tufted headboard that I had extended to make more of a statement in the room.  Again, that was in my imagination.  In real life, I didn't have time for that, so I decided to keep my headboard.  That was until I made the room up with all of my current accessories and discovered how awfully short the headboard was.  It was nearly the height of the pillows; thereby causing it to fade into the walls. to the rescue and in 3 days I had a new headboard that my brother and I assembled and attached to the bed.  (Well, mostly me, but I needed him to help me lift mattresses and frames and such.  It would have been so much easier if I had realized the need for this headboard before reinstalling the bed.)

So here we are, folks.  The room is not complete, but it's definitely going in the right direction for me.  Still looking for a small dresser and a stand for a few accessories.  I know I want interesting curtain tie backs.  And of course, the walls are extremely bare.  Gotta add some color back to this very monochromatic space.  Although I do have a few pieces of artwork, I'll keep my eye open for a larger piece for the wall that you can't see below.

(This is a night time look.)

What have been some game-changing moments in your home decor projects?

Until next time,


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