The Game Changer

In every design project, I believe there is a game-changing moment.  A moment when you add or take away a piece, change a color, or rearrange a piece of furniture.  A moment when you feel like, Ahh, this is so right.

I've actually had several of those moments.

Game Changer #1:  Nightstands

About a year and a half ago, I bought some wooden nightstands from Aldi.  Yes, Aldi (a grocery store).  They were the perfect size.  I wasn't sure if the white was the right shade, but I knew these nightstands were the ones.  I finally took a day to assemble the nightstands and when I added them to my guest room, I thought, Oh yeah.  Instantly, I added lamps (Habitat Restore purchases) and grabbed a handmade bowl from my Belize trip and a basket from Ross that I never had found a use for, but really loved.  Those were to give the room a more organic feel.

Game Changer #2:  Pillows and Curtains

I tried the turquoise accent color that I've seen so many times in makeovers.  But the moment I a…

The Beauty of a Made Bed

I must confess.  I rarely make up my bed.  *Gasp* On a good day, I will.  On the weekends, I might.  But during the work week, almost never.  However, in my guest room, I have always kept the bed made whether there's a guest or not.  So, it is befitting to make up the bed for my evolving guest room makeover.  And although ironing sheets is not on my list of things I truly enjoy, it was a pleasure to complete each step just to see the room take shape.

I don't know who invented these bed skirt pins, but I want to officially thank him or her.  Because of these pins, I could keep the bed skirt in place while I single-handedly slid the mattress on top of the box spring.  Do you know how many times that act has been unsuccessful in the history of me making up beds?!  The agony.

This comforter set included the entire ensemble and is reversible.  The sheets are two prints in one (one print on the top half and the other print on the bottom).  So, depending on how you make the bed, will…

It's the Little Things That Make All the Difference

Hello lovelies,

The small touches are almost complete.  And yes, I hired a third handyman!  His fees were even more reasonable than the first two AND he took the time to show me how to be an electrician (if I absolutely had to).  No thank you, but I enjoyed the tutorial.

So, Handyman #3 installed a ceiling fan and changed all the electrical receptacles and the light switch out so that they would all be white.  Before they were all beige with these grooves in them.  I honestly think they were the originals. 

I learned so much about "hot" wires and grounding wires, so much so that the electrician said he would test me by allowing me to install my next ceiling fan while he assisted me.  EEEEK!

After I had the room painted, there were some areas that got missed and a few that needed to be touched up.  Instead of calling him back, I just did the work myself.  It was kind of therapeutic.

p.s.  I found my curtains.  I'm not certain they will look right in the space with the com…

12th Tea Cup Exchange {Reveal}

Periodically, Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose, hosts a Tea Cup & Mug Exchange.  I've had the pleasure of participating in this exchange on several occasions and have absolutely enjoyed each time.  This time, I created a tea package for Pam of The Lady of the House Speaking.  If you're curious about what I sent her, check out her blog reveal HERE.  As for me, my package was sent from Regina from Plain Keeper at Home.  Before my package even arrived, Regina and I exchanged several emails where we learned more about each other and talked about life.  I've really enjoyed "meeting" her and look forward to a continued friendship.

Regina was so kind and honored my request of loose teas.  Although loose teas are not popular in her area, she went the extra mile and purchased a tea online and had the company ship it to me.  So, in essence, I received two packages in the mail, but I waited patiently until they were both in my home AND I had mailed my package off to P…

Feeling Fancy - My First Tea Parlour Experience

For quite a while, I've wanted to visit an actual tea parlour.  Little did I know, there was one located less than 30 miles from me.  I don't know how many times I perused the website, dreaming of a special occasion to engage in this tea experience.  I wondered if I should dress up and wear hat and gloves or just arrive.  I questioned who I should share this experience with and if it should be associated with a special occasion.  Secretly I wished I could have celebrated my 40th birthday last year at this place with a handful of friends, but that wasn't to be.  So in the end, I decided that having tea at this tea parlour would be the treat-to-self for submitting my dissertation proposal, which was quite a task.  (Interpret this as:  I kept procrastinating and/or life kept getting in the way.).  I submitted my proposal draft at the end of December.  Fast forward to April; that's when I finally went to tea with one friend.  And it was beautiful.

For lunch, I ordered a s…

The Cover Up

As much as I love the idea of peering out of open windows or the joys of full sunlight beaming into a room, I knew that that was unrealistic.  I would need window treatments.  Probably about a year ago, I finally found the curtain rods that I wanted from Tuesday Morning.  Yes, a year ago.  Truth is, I've been pinning ideas for this space for at least two years!  Some would ask how I know what I want in a space.  The answer is - for any space I've ever redecorated, I've always had an inspiration piece.  When no inspiration piece availed itself, no major changes ever occurred in that space.  (That's why it took eons for the master bedroom to have some sense of style.)

So what is the inspiration piece for my guest room makeover?  This gorgeous swan that I purchased from the Habitat Restore for $5.00.  I was stoked when I found this piece.  It actually has a companion, but you'll have to wait to see the other when I'm all done.

Handyman #2 installed faux plantation…